16 simple ways to write a stellar intro

If you’re anything like me, the prospect of writing your next blog post excites you to bits and pieces. You’ve got this fabulous post in your mind and just can’t wait to get started. So you whip out your laptop, pose your fingers over your keyboard to tap out that fabulous intro to the fabulous post…and your mind goes blank. Because, let’s be honest. Intros are just a different beast. And just because you have an amazing idea to blog about doesn’t mean you have the perfect intro to go along with it.

But, hey, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered! I come across this problem all the time to the point where sometimes I start to get paranoid about whether all my intros sound the same. So, after skimming some awesome posts by reputable bloggers, I came up with a neat cheat sheet. These tips will help you make sure you create an intro that will reel readers in. And in some ways these pointers may even overlap with one another, but I didn’t want to leave anything out. So here it is, without further ado, presenting your cheat sheet to great intros:

  • Use your senses to describe something

  • State a fact or statistic

  • Talk about a sentiment

  • Talk about a common pain point/problem

  • Talk about your day/what you’re currently doing and find a way to tie in or ease in to your topic

  • Start with guidance

  • Start with a thank you

  • Start with a question

  • Paint a scenario

  • Explain how your post is about to benefit them

  • Rehash a point in time when things were different than they are today. (Ex: Before cell phones…)

  • Start with a purpose/goal (Ex: Today I want to …)

  • Follow up on or reference a previous post (Ex: Any questions about my last post on X? OR In my last post we talked about…)

  • Discuss a common mistake or misperception

  • Debunk a myth

  • Relate to the audience (see intro to this post)

Hope this helps! And as always, if you see anything I’ve missed, please comment below!

Happy writing!

XOXO- Salina

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