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I believe I ended up wanting to become a blogger by fate and by choice. Last year, my niece was diagnosed with Leukemia. She was four and celebrated her birthday strapped to a hospital gurney, unconscious, fighting pneumonia and strep throat and oblivious to the fact that she’d soon be losing her Elsa hair—which she’d worked so hard to grow.

It was a heart-wrenching time for us all, especially for my daughters, who are only a few years older and younger than Natalee. My girls, five and three, huddled close to each other for support as they bravely showered cards, presents and hugs on their cousin sister. They were so scared and unsure of what was happening, while Natalee, sweet soul, began to retreat in her own shell, unable to comprehend why all of a sudden she felt and looked so different from the girls she’d come to call her sisters. She was in the hospital for over a month. And when she did finally come home, her world was turned completely inside out. So was ours. Natalee was in our care and there were a lot of adjustments to be made.

The chemo treatments were weekly, both in hospital and in home. The ER trips were endless, for things as trivial as paper cuts and bruised knees. Each day was a gift and a surprise. The summer was a blur of anxiety as we thought twice and thrice about going to the pool, the park and even the backyard. Nights were an endless haze of checking temperatures, massaging muscles and soothing night terrors. My girls, still grasping to adjust to the immediate change in atmosphere at home, began to wonder why they’d become less important than their cousin, who suddenly garnered special attention and love from everyone she came across.

It was a turning point for us all. And a huge eye-opener for me, having just lost a friend to breast cancer earlier the previous year. I quit an amazing high-paying job because I was spiraling downward into depression. Why? Well, apart from the obvious, because I realized that I’d sacrificed five years of my children’s life buried in meetings, appointments and projects—all for dollars that would mean absolutely nothing if I were to take my last breath the next moment. I realized that my priorities lay in a place completely different from where my focus had been—not at work, but with my kids. They were and are my pride, my future, my greatest investment. Their smiles, hugs and laughter are what will carry me through my old age and bring me happiness greater than all the money in the world.

But of course, money will have to come from somewhere. After all, I’ve got to eat and have enough to keep a roof over my head as I cherish those memories with them and hope to create new ones, right?

After quitting, I knew I’d have to somehow be able to strike a better work-life balance. I mean, I’d been working from home before, and trust me when I say it’s not the cake walk most people imagine it to be, especially when you’re trying to juggle school runs, errands, meetings, laundry, homework and the whole nine under one space—and sometimes simultaneously! If raising kids is a full-time job, then trying to work a full-time job from home while raising kids and maintaining a home…well, let’s just say an impossible disaster is the closest I can come to describing it. And I did it for six years.

Having been a driven career-woman for a decade, I knew it’d be a pretty big adjustment for me to go from working full time to being a full-time mommy. And it was. There were days my house would be neat as a pin, meals cooked, the children bathed, fed and tended to. And I’d find myself thinking: now what?

A door opens
And so I began to do what I’d always dreamed of doing possibly one day when the kids are shipped off to college and my teeth are getting ready to fall out: I began writing and writing and writing. And boy was it therapeutic.

I was happier, more cheerful. And I saw a difference in the way I was with my kids. My daughter began to thrive in school with all the extra at-home focus she was getting. And I really began to see the positive results from this huge decision that had taken everything in me to make.

So I decided to write more and that I wanted to do it for a living—at my own pace and around my own schedule. Not with a laptop ball and chained to my hands. Ironically around the same time, I stumbled across tons of blogs by mommies, and I thought, hey, I can do this too.

One thing you’ve got to know about me is once I set my mind to something, stopping me can be as difficult as stopping a train. And so here I am. Determined to create my own blog, monetize it and take you through this journey along with me.

But why? Well, here’s a little secret: I’m NO EXPERT at any of this. Not at designing websites, understanding code or for that matter, knowing anything that has to do with anything remotely technology related. I’m starting on this project from pure SCRATCH. And the content out there is plentiful, but too plentiful and full of jargon for people who have never done this before. And I know there are others like me out there.

Expert blogging for people who aren’t experts
So if you’re like me and are eager to get started but don’t understand all the lingo out there having to do with Cpanels, FTPs and HTML, we can take this ride together, but the good thing is that I’ll make all the mistakes and share them with you so you won’t repeat them.

Plus, there are literally tens of thousands of articles out there on blogging. It’s taken me three weeks already to get my website up and looking remotely the way I want it to. If I had one resource for all the tips and pointers I’ve read, I would have been able to cut that time in half—which is what my aim is for you: to help get you all the resources you need from ONE spot with easy-to-follow instructions. Oh and did I mention it’s free?

This will be a centralized place where I’ll share all my best blogging tips, articles, pins, secrets and EVERYTHING ELSE I used to help me get this blog get up and running. (Plus, I’m hoping that if I ever have to replicate these efforts, I’ll be able to use my own repository of information instead of having to wade through the masses of articles all over again 🙂 )

Whatever your reason for wanting to become a blogger, I wish you much success and good luck and hope we have a chance to grow together.



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