Book review: Bachelorette #1

I’m in the middle of reading Bachelorette #1 and so far, I must say I’m pretty impressed by the writing of this debut author. And honestly, I’m jealous. It bothers me that more and more people who don’t have English degrees, or any background in writing are able to push through the crowded iron gates of agent query land and receive an offer of representation when the rest of us who actually spent money to get that darned Journalism degree and have a great devotion toward words seem to suffer in the wave pool of rejects. Yes, life is so unfair and yet this phenomena to me, as a Journalism major, seems one of the most unfair. I know, I know, I’m being a grouch. But still, think about it. If you study to become a teacher, you become a teacher. You can’t just walk into a school with zilch experience and expect the principal to trust your skills and lack of educational knowledge to teach an entire class of students. The same should be true of writing. People who don’t have experience or an actual degree in writing should have some pity on us poor chumps who actually stepped into the industry with an illustrious education and a hunger for landing some modicum of success in a writing-related field. It’s only fair, no?

Anyhow, great book, impressively well written and I definitely recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a light read and enjoys watching The Bachelorette. Kudos to this author for a job well done.

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