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With all the competition out there, it’s vital to make sure you’re represented well and professionally through any document that’s meant to showcase you, whether that be a term paper, resume, thesis, brochure for your business, a website or anything else that puts your name or reputation on the line. Grammar errors can cost you a great opportunity and credibility–I’ve seen it one too many times.  

While hiring an editor is important, it’s more important to hire the right editor. Meaning someone who is a professional, has experience in editing the type of content you’ve curated and has the ability to polish your work without altering your tone or style. This can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible if you’re working with a professional.

Enter the word nerd!

I’ve worked in the editing/writing industry for more than a decade and I’ve worked with nearly every kind of content including: full-length novels, term papers, resumes, blogs, brochures, web pages, marketing collateral, pitch letters, newsletters, RFPs, training materials, PowerPoint presentations and much, much more. But beyond tenure, what makes me qualified to work on your prized document? Good question. 

  • Bachelor’s in Journalism
  • Masters in Business Administration 
  • Editing Certification from Media Bistro
  • Former chief editor for Dare ePublishing, managing a team of two editors
  • Lead editor for  Bank of America, managing and training a group of five editors
  • Author of three novels; currently working on my fourth
  • Editor for Radish Fiction 

Because I love what I do, I do it for an extremely reasonable and competitive price–particularly for the level of quality provided. Ultimately, costs depend on the amount of effort and attention your content requires–the greater the effort, the greater the cost. But, good news is, I’ll work with you and aim to keep it within a range that’s comfortable for you. The greater reward and recognition for me is to have a part in your success and to know that somehow I helped contribute to that success. After all, happy clients are the best advertisers 🙂


Reach out if you’re interested in working with me or if you’re simply looking for references or have questions. Contact me: thegreatwordnerd@gmail.com

I look forward to building a great working relationship with you and being your word nerd 🙂


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