Searching for Romeo, by Salina Jivani



The Parker sisters are jinxed with love.

Lingerie model Liz Parker is dead broke thanks to her exorbitant shoe fetish. After two years of dating Nick, her successful surgeon boyfriend, she manages to finagle a proposal out of him only to have him stand her up at the altar, meaning she’s left with no ring and no one to finance her shopping pleasures.

Rachel, the middle sibling, discovers that her boyfriend of two years isn’t the faithful man she once thought. In a rage, she abandons the apartment they share, only to learn that her bartender’s pay can’t afford much on its own.

The sisters scramble back to their childhood home where the youngest Parker sister, Becky, lives with their demanding, obsessively clean, divorced mother. Much to the sisters’ chagrin, they learn that while their own lives are a romantic disaster, their mother’s is quite the opposite. The sisters are convinced that the old croak she’s dating is a complete mismatch for their vivacious, energy-bound mother.

Between Swiffer Jets, endless bickering and toilet bowl scrubs, the sisters learn that, stark differences aside, they share commonalities: their hate for Sunday cleaning, their determination to halt their mom’s looming wedding to Mr. Wrong and the desire to find their Romeos. Throughout their efforts, the sisters battle lawsuits, disastrous blind dates and bizarre men. Will they ever find their Romeos? Or are they doomed to the company of their wacky mother and her Clorox wipes for all time?

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